Analytics can help developers understand how consumers are using their applications, tracking which features are most used and their performance. These types of code-tracking solutions, sometimes known as instrumentation, can be injected into applications through an IDE before the deployment process using PreEmptive Solutions’ Runtime Intelligence Service, according to Sebastian Holst, chief marketing officer at PreEmptive Solutions.

Holst said that Runtime Intelligence Service enables developers to inject tracking into any managed code, and it now allows developers to inject the instrumentation into native applications, such as ones running on iPhone in Objective C, as well as other mobile operating systems. The capabilities have also been extended to JavaScript-based applications.

“As development organizations are choosing, or are being forced, to work in a distributed world of public vs. private clouds, and of devices controlled by IT vs. personal employee devices, the need to monitor and measure healthy usage and exceptions is even more important,” Holst said.

Exceptions, he explained, can also be tracked with Runtime Intelligence analytics. The solution includes capabilities to track runtime, security and thrown exceptions.

“This latest release of Runtime Intelligence is a significant step in our mission to provide critical insight into applications as they are distributed across rapidly evolving cloud, mobile and other emerging devices and platforms,” said Gabriel Torok, CEO of PreEmptive Solutions. “Whether writing applications from scratch or refactoring existing applications to take advantage of cloud and mobile opportunities, Runtime Intelligence provides critical insight into reducing risk and increasing development return.”