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Protect your company from IP loss

When you hear about the impacts of not protecting your application, you most often think of the financial loss. It’s no wonder though: the average cost of vulnerabilities is about $13 million dollars, spread across fines, the cost of remediation, and the cost of preventing data leakage. It’s not even factoring in the cost of … continue reading

How obfuscation can help with data breach mitigation

Data breaches are nothing new, but they have pretty consistently increased year-over-year. Despite the massive amounts of money companies invest into security to prevent breaches, they still commonly occur. According to a report from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), 2021 saw an all-time high of data breaches, 23% more than the previous all-time high.  … continue reading

Visual Studio 2012 leaves room for third parties

Other companies can fill in the spaces provided by Microsoft … continue reading

New analytics for Visual Studio TFS

PreEmptive Solutions allows for collecting and sifting data from applications, and to create tasks from that data … continue reading

PreEmptive allows for inserting code trackers into native applications

Runtime Intelligence Service can work with mobile operating systems and JavaScript-based applications … continue reading

PreEmptive updates target runtime intelligence

Dotfuscator 4.9 comes bundled with Runtime Intelligence Service for Windows Phone 7 … continue reading

Dotfuscator targets Windows Phone 7

PreEmptive’s analytics solution has a new application runtime based on Silverlight 3 and parts of Silverlight 4 … continue reading Protection Status