For real-time visibility into application stability and to improve software quality, PreEmptive Solutions has introduced Runtime Intelligence Exception Analytics. The company also announced the availability of Dotfuscator 4.9 bundled with Runtime Intelligence Service with support for Windows Phone 7.

Introduced in October, Runtime Intelligence Exception Analytics is a solution that shows an application’s stability across multiple platforms, architectures and surfaces, including mobile, rich Internet, and cloud-based application clients, said a company statement.

Runtime Intelligence Exception Analytics automatically performs data capture at the point and time of failure (such as a program crash), running across all physical and logical application layers. In addition, the solution can capture benchmark data, including usage overtime, across applications and users, PreEmptive said.

“When something happens that you don’t expect, it’s called an exception,” said Sebastian Holst, CMO of PreEmptive. “It almost acts as forensic evidence that you want to look at in order to fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

When an exception occurs, the new software captures it in real time, analyzes it, and sends it to a repository for a developer to look at, he added.

Contextual data for historical, custom and technology stacks is also included in the product. And with the appropriate security controls, data transfer is automatic in both online and offline scenarios.

The solution also supports content management and integrations across applications, user communities and CRM systems. It can also compare analytics to identify hidden trends and dependencies, the company said.

This week, PreEmptive also bundled its Dotfuscator 4.9 with a free commercial version of its Runtime Intelligence Service for Windows Phone 7 developers.

In partnership and with funding from Microsoft, PreEmptive was able to offer this higher-end product for free, with the caveat that it’s only for Windows Phone 7, Holst said.

With Runtime Intelligence, application metrics are now available to Windows Phone 7 developers, and they include the number of application sessions, number of unique users, and feature usage and duration metrics, PreEmptive said.

“By measuring Windows Phone 7 application quality and usage, Runtime Intelligence outlines user experience and gives developers essential information about how their applications are being consumed,” said Brandon Watson, director of developer experience for Windows Phone 7 at Microsoft.

Dotfuscator 4.9 is used to inject the analytical behavior into an application, in addition to obfuscation that prevents reverse-engineering and secures intellectual property.