Tempo Software, a leading provider of portfolio management solutions for product development organizations, today announced an integration for Atlassian’s Jira Align to provide insights on how developer time is invested across product portfolios. Leaders of product and software organizations now have at their fingertips a trusted data source to calculate and understand their investments against strategic development themes.

The Timesheets by Tempo integration for Jira Align automates timely reporting and analysis of development investments, so that leaders can understand how much time it takes and costs for teams to develop and maintain every product. With a deeper understanding of how time is invested, product teams can more accurately and efficiently plan, budget, and track their investments for current and future enhancements. Developer time is a valuable and fleeting resource, and a clear understanding of their capacity enables the better management of time, priorities, and business opportunities for the organization.

“We are pleased to provide our Jira Align customers with a seamless data connection to automatically calculate team time investments across their product portfolios,” said Kyle Foreman, Jira Align Product Manager at Atlassian. “Tempo is a top time tracking Ecosystem partner for Atlassian, so it was a straightforward decision to work with them on this integration for Jira Align and give leaders the insights they need to effectively plan.”

“We are proud of our continued innovations and integrations with Atlassian’s Jira and Jira Align solutions,” said Mark Lorion, CEO, Tempo Software. ”Until now, it has been difficult for leaders to accurately track the costs associated with the teams who build their products. Tempo provides the critical data needed to answer questions related to team spend and inform investment strategy.”

Timesheet’s integration updates time spend data in the Jira Align Portfolio Room based on time logged against Jira stories and multiplied by an hourly rate. Organizations that choose Tempo’s time tracking solution for Jira and Jira Align benefit from capabilities such as:

  • Seamless and automated aggregation of team time logs based on Jira stories in order to save time, not spend it
  • Ease of use and one-click time capture for Jira users powered by Timesheet’s integration with Jira and other tools across the product life cycle, such as calendars, Slack and popular IDEs JetBrains and VS Code
  • More accurate financial reporting and analysis that informs investment planning and distribution across teams, programs, and portfolios

Additionally, Tempo has achieved Atlassian’s Cloud Fortified certification that meets enterprise-grade security, service reliability and performance standards. Tempo was also named 2021 Atlassian Partner of the Year for Enterprise App Services.

“We have supported our clients through countless successful Jira Align implementations and supported them on their agile maturity journey.” said Dan Teixiera, head of enterprise agility and tooling, Cprime. “We are thrilled Tempo now integrates with Jira Align, so we can bring industry-leading time and cost management data to our enterprise customers.”

Attendees of Atlassian’s Team ’23 user conference on April 18-20 will be able to see Tempo co-present two sessions about enterprise agility: ‘Scaling Agile with Cprime & Tempo’ and ‘From PPM to LPM with Jira, Jira Align, and Tempo.’