Intersoft Solutions has announced the official release of WebUI Studio 2010 R2, the world’s most advanced presentation layer toolset for ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF application development. Featuring over 60 new rich controls for Silverlight and WPF platform, and dozens of new business-inspiring samples, developers can now rapidly build cross-platform applications with the next-generation user experiences, while at the same time leveraging the best practice in architectural design pattern.

With the new R2 release, WebUI Studio delivers a total of 280 high quality UI components for ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF development, setting its position as the world’s most comprehensive user interface library suite available today.

“We are thrilled to successfully complete our 2010 roadmap on schedule,” said Jimmy Petrus, the chief executive officer of Intersoft Solutions. “The new ClientUI 4 adds exciting input controls essential to line-of-business applications targeting the Silverlight and WPF platform. Developers can now create rich and complex business forms in flick of fingers with our new, MVVM-ready data input lineup – from a currency editor, date time picker, file upload, multi-range slider, to a visually-compelling analog clock and more.”

“The new ClientUI 4 is all about comprehensive input controls that are fundamental in Silverlight and WPF application development, ranging from a Window 7 style calendar to a powerful and customizable file uploader,” said Andry Handoko, the chief technology officer of Intersoft Solutions. “These controls are precisely engineered to bring new and intuitive editing experiences, while maintaining fundamental development aspects such as MVVM design pattern support, customizability, and performance.”

ClientUI 4 Adds 60 New Controls for Silverlight and WPF
As the first vendor pioneering the unified development model concept, Intersoft ClientUI 4 delivers 240 controls that share a generic set of reusable APIs and powerful framework. This enables developer to build truly multi-platform business solutions that target Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4, and WPF 4. The rock-solid UI architecture is consistently implemented across the entire UI library, including the new controls introduced in ClientUI 4.

ClientUI 4 greatly simplifies the development of complex and advanced form-based business applications – thanks to the wide range of innovative input controls such as the date time editor, numeric input, date picker, file uploader, clock, slider, and more. Each control is meticulously crafted to provide the best user experiences and visual presentation out-of-the-box. It also comes with comprehensive Visual Studio 2010 and Blend 4 designer integration, providing the best development experiences for both designers and developers.

An Even More Powerful ClientUI Framework
The latest ClientUI Framework includes a powerful localization framework, allowing developers to easily create dynamic and reliable localized applications. It comes with outstanding features such as dynamic localized resource binding and MVVM design pattern support – surpassing Silverlight’s native localization capability.

The new release also includes one of the developer’s most requested features, a cross-platform MultiBinding. MultiBinding enables the flexibility to define multiple data binding in the XAML which leverage the native Silverlight and WPF binding without additional code. This approach conforms to loosely-coupled user interface architecture, and delivers extra benefits such as the ability to change the binding on any UI elements without affecting application’s code or other user interaction logic.

Continuous Quality Refinement
In addition to the new controls and improved framework, ClientUI 4 includes significant enhancements to its existing lineup for better stability and maximum performance. Several controls receive new features, such as ContentTransition. It is enhanced with new static content mode. This feature allows developers to animate the existing content without specifying a new content instance. This approach significantly improves user experiences particularly when the content contains a large number of elements.

Pricing and Availability
Intersoft WebUI Studio 2010 can be purchased at Three editions are available:

    •    Premier edition is the ultimate WebUI Studio for all your Web development needs. It includes the full set of all ASP.NET, Silverlight, and WPF platform components. It also includes Priority Support, live chat technical support, and more. Prices start at $1,599.
    •    ASP.NET edition offers a comprehensive toolkit for ASP.NET Web development, including the award-winning data grid, powerful scheduler, rich text editor, 8 innovative Web 2.0 widgets, and 20 additional cutting-edge components. Prices start at $1,299.
    •    Silverlight and WPF edition includes the innovative docking component, stunning 3-D CoverFlow, robust framework navigation, and 237 more. Prices start at $799.

Each edition can be licensed on either a Suite or Subscription basis. Learn more about the benefits of a subscription or compare WebUI Studio editions in more detail today.