The holiday season is fast approaching and for most folks it is time to pull out the Christmas decorations and start getting ready for celebrations with friends and family. Well, here at Jama Software we wanted to kick the holidays off right by announcing the availability of Contour 3.6.

If you have been to over the past several weeks, you noticed our big countdown to 12/12/12 – “The day product delivery becomes efficient.” It is so true! Contour 3.6 can help change the way your team conceives, builds and delivers products. How? By helping your company leverage strategic assets through Requirements Reuse.
In fact, in a survey Jama did in October 2012, over half of product development professionals said they’d be at least 50% more efficient if they shared assets across a platform of products. 89% wished they had an automated way of doing this. When teams pull together new products from core assets they catch errors earlier, meet milestones, and control costs.

Let’s face it, product delivery is broken, and now is the time to stop recreating the wheel. Reuse is key to working more efficiently. No more out-of-date specs. No more gaps in test plans. No more rework and duplication of efforts.

Here are some highlights of Contour 3.6:
• Save time setting up new projects with Enterprise Reuse. Select from a catalog of multiple items including components, requirements, processes, etc.
• Get visibility across your entire product portfolio regarding the use of all assets with Comparison Views. Identify when requirements and their associated items branch from the original data set.
• Control the use of common components with Selective Synchronization so you can fix discrepancies by syncing information from reference items and copying missing items.
See for yourself what is new in Jama Contour 3.6 Check out the video

The best part is you can try Contour completely free of charge for 30 days. To see what Contour can do to help you work more efficiently and deliver products on time, sign up for a trial or contact us today for a demo.