iRise, the global leader in collaborative visualization software, today announced the launch of iRise 8.11.  The platform’s latest upgrade has added device emulators for iPhone 5, Windows 8 Phone and the Android tablet.  iRise is the only visualization platform that supports simulations for the iPhone 5 and review of those simulations from iPhone 5 devices using the latest iRise mobile app.
iRise Studio is also now supported on Windows 8 Desktop and Mac OS X 10.8.  Additionally, the company has added several upgrades and changes to the platform that creates a more streamlined, intuitive process for developers, management stakeholders and end users.

“iRise 8.11 helps organizations show everyone involved in app development exactly what users will experience on a smartphone,” said Maurice Martin, president, COO and founder, iRise.  “The new release helps to speed up development simply by enabling stakeholders to experience the final product through a visualization from the beginning.  The collaboration experience enables the team to build the application right the first time.”

The new release was fueled by the “consumerization of IT” trend.  The iRise platform helps organizations meet expectations raised by increased consumer demand for mobile apps. The demand has created intense pressure within organizations to produce apps more quickly, with less cost, and with a much higher level of usability and design aesthetic.  For stakeholders responsible for developing mission-critical apps, using iRise 8.11 allows them to collaborate across multiple business units, cutting the time to market in half and drastically reducing development costs.
iRise 8.11 includes the following new features for creating interactive simulations quicker and easier, enabling collaboration and jumpstarting the code writing process – whether for mobile, web or desktop apps:
• Data is automatically captured in user input fields – Forms are no longer required to capture user input fields. When an action is executed that has data flow from a widget on the page, the data is captured automatically to save users time.
• Easier creation of data table widgets – When inserting a data-driven table widget, you can choose a source datasheet and columns.
• Pixel perfect image options – When resizing an image from a corner drag handle, an image’s aspect ratio is maintained for a more accurate simulation of the final product.
• Email notification support in Definition Center – Authenticated SMTP settings in the iRise Definition Center support email notifications.
• New language – iDoc Reader is now available in German.

iRise 8.11 is available for immediate trial download at