ITTIA releases ITTIA DB SQL 5.5, the newest version of its database for developers of applications for embedded systems and mobile platforms. This new release offers the most complete embedded data management experience, with capabilities once available only to PC applications, including high reliability, comprehensive security options, Qt user interface integration, Python and Lua scripting, JDBC compatibility, and replication. Embedded devices can also synchronize their local databases with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle on Windows and Linux servers.

Whether an application is written in C, C++, Java, Python, Lua, or a combination of supported programming languages, ITTIA DB SQL provides a flexible interface to organize, share, and protect important data. ITTIA DB SQL is easy to use because it can be integrated into the application – loaded as a shared library or plugin – so a separate database installation step is not necessary.  The application opens database files directly and can share access or replicate with other applications over shared memory, TCP/IP, or SSL/TLS. Databases and tables can also be created in memory only to maximize performance for short-lived data.

Replication and synchronization with other databases can be performed asynchronously; ITTIA DB SQL will automatically collect changes in a log until a connection becomes available. Synchronous replication on commit makes it easy to maintain multiple copies of a database that are guaranteed to be identical at all times. Data can also be secured through AES-128 and AES-256 storage encryption, SCRAM authentication, and even SSL/TLS communications.

With the introduction of a Qt plugin for ITTIA DB SQL, application developers can rapidly build a graphical user interface to tap into embedded data. The QtSql module makes it easy to map tables and columns to Widgets in the application interface while ITTIA DB SQL handles the details of sharing, replication, and query optimization. Like ITTIA DB SQL itself, the Qt framework supports many platforms, making it an excellent companion technology on both back-end computers and embedded systems.

ITTIA DB SQL 5.5 is available for Windows, Linux, Android, ThreadX, QNX, VxWorks, and more. Evaluation copies are available at: