The ITTIA DB SQL embedded database is now available as a plugin for the Qt application and UI development framework from Digia. The combination of ITTIA DB SQL and Qt enables rapid development of user-friendly data-driven applications with a level of performance that is only possible with native code.

Qt is a cross-platform C++ application and UI framework that is widely used to develop software with a graphical user interface (GUI), as well as non-GUI programs. Non-GUI features include SQL database access, which can both execute arbitrary queries and map results to lists and fields in the user interface.

Expanding on ITTIA’s commitment to developers of applications for mobile devices and other embedded systems, support for Qt in ITTIA DB SQL enhances cross-platform development and reduces development time and cost. The Qt driver for ITTIA DB SQL allows developers to access relational embedded data management software that offers a unique competitive edge with such features as replication, data distribution, reliable concurrency and logging.

The combination of Qt’s elegant framework and ITTIA DB SQL’s flexible data management will encourage best practices for concurrent processing of data, as both technologies are designed for multithreaded application development. Applications can run transactions in parallel, allowing long-running tasks such as synchronization to run without blocking normal operations. Qt also works well with libraries like the STL and Boost, and code is compiled to native binaries that will run at full speed without the need for a virtual machine.

ITTIA DB SQL and Qt provide developers with the means to synchronize the application’s embedded database with other RDBMS technologies, so that devices can efficiently share data with a back-end server. Applications can access this data replication environment to greatly improve high availability, reliability, modularity, mobility, and interoperability by synchronizing device data with a back-end RDBMS.
“We are excited to be working together with Digia and offer embedded developers the best database and GUI technologies so they can build solutions that empower innovation and flexibility,” said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA president.

“Embedded software projects today often demand both a modern GUI as well as a full-fledged database solution, all within limited processing resources and memory footprint. We are pleased to see the combination of ITTIA DB SQL technology with the Qt application and UI development framework delivering a powerful answer to that challenge,” said Kristen Tveter, Senior Manager, Qt Partnering at Digia.