The ITTIA DB SQL Qt driver is now compatible with Qt 5.0.0, a major renovation of the popular application development framework. The integration of these technologies allows software developers for embedded systems and devices to take advantage of flexible embedded data management software and an elegant GUI framework. Features such as replication, data distribution, concurrency, logging, and change notification offer applications a unique competitive edge and enable rapid development of user-friendly data-driven applications with a level of performance that is only possible in native code.

With this update, the Qt driver for ITTIA DB SQL now provides data change notification events through signals and slots. Whenever a row is modified, connected slots will receive a copy of the row and the type of operation that was performed, whether an insert, update, or delete. Row data can also be limited to the primary key and modified fields. This is a convenient way to send messages between applications and threads that are actively sharing the same database.

ITTIA DB SQL can also distribute data across databases at different locations, protecting mission-critical data and reducing latency through high availability. Software developers can leverage the Qt framework to access and modify a local database through a graphical user interface, and ITTIA DB SQL will replicate those changes to any number of peer databases on the same device or across the network. Since ITTIA DB SQL is a cross-platform database, any combination of hardware can be used to create redundancy, and applications embedded with ITTIA DB greatly benefit from flexibility for handing a wide range of scenarios.

The combination of Qt’s stylish framework with ITTIA DB SQL’s flexible data management software will ensure best practices for concurrent processing of data, as both technologies are designed for multithreaded application development. Applications can run transactions in parallel, allowing long-running tasks such as synchronization to run without blocking normal operations. Qt also works well with libraries like the STL and Boost, and code is compiled to native binaries that will run at full speed without the need for a virtual machine.

ITTIA DB SQL is available for many programming languages, including C++, which is used by Qt developers.

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