Business intelligence software provider JackBe this week released Presto Add-On for SharePoint, with seamless integration with Business Connectivity Services that enables developers to create powerful, data-driven applications from multiple external data sources.

The BCS integration with Presto Add-On for SharePoint gives users the ability to connect things to SharePoint that reside outside of Microsoft products, according to JackBe CTO John Crupi. “Now people can use the Presto Add-On to combine things that previously had not been combinable. Whatever data gets mashed up is available to SharePoint Designer via Presto,” he said.

JackBe Presto enables connectivity to any source, and in version 3.6, in-memory capability was added so people using the Presto Add-On for SharePoint “can process data and run analytics right in SharePoint in real time,” Crupi said. “Our goal is to make everything we do real time.”

JackBe adds its capability to all the products within Microsoft’s business intelligence solution (PowerPivot, SQL Server Reporting Services, PerfomancePoint and more) “to make it easier for a user to stay within SharePoint and do the tough stuff Microsoft doesn’t make it easy to do,” Crupi said. For example, users can sign into SharePoint and, through the Presto integration with BCS, talk to SAP with a single-sign-on experience, he explained.

Presto-connected data can be queried inside SharePoint using SharePoint Search, and a new FAST search integration is now available. With Presto, users can mash up multiple FAST search results to create data visualizations from multiple data sources, the company said in its announcement of the release.

Other new features include the ability to write back to data sources with a SharePoint List Add Item tool, to filter list items using CAML queries, to resolve List ID conflicts when merging SharePoint lists, and to limit search results to specific items. Further, an external content adapter “makes any mash-up BCS compatible,” the company said.