Jaspersoft, makers of the most widely used Business Intelligence (BI) software in the world, today announced the general availability of Jaspersoft 4, the industry’s first complete BI suite designed for web applications. Jaspersoft 4 leverages a new modular UI architecture to deliver a best-in-class environment for building and deploying BI. By separating the content and presentation layers in line with today’s web application standards, Jaspersoft 4 significantly accelerates the process of bringing BI to users. Featuring a new GUI for rich visual dashboarding and self-service features, this latest release of the commercial open source Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite overcomes traditional barriers to adoption of BI.

For more than twenty years, organizations have struggled to adopt business intelligence in greater numbers due to the cost and complexity of traditional, proprietary BI tools. During this period, traditional BI vendors have invested millions in new features, but have not seen significant increases in user adoption. This challenge has led to the rise of “BI Builders”, those tasked with incorporating BI seamlessly into the everyday applications and processes of their users. Jaspersoft 4 builds on the open, standards-based architecture of the Jaspersoft BI Suite to provide the BI Builder with the greatest user interface flexibility to quickly deliver BI that drives pervasive user adoption. 

The Jaspersoft 4 BI Suite includes:

    •    Consumer Web Application-Style UI – The new UI Framework within Jaspersoft 4 delivers improved interactivity and usability typically found in consumer web applications. Its modern look and feel enhances web applications and gives end users access to intuitive, self-serve BI.
    •    100% Web Application Architecture – Jaspersoft 4 is the only BI environment that is 100% web application ready. The new UI Framework completes Jaspersoft’s architecture as a web application stack, from the back end server to the front end UI. Built on flexible, open web standards, Jaspersoft 4 can be deployed out-of-the-box on-premise, in a multi-tenant SaaS environment, or in the cloud.
    •    Easy BI Web Application Customization and Integration – The Jaspersoft UI architecture separates the content and presentation layers allowing quick and easy UI customization through simple markup changes in cascading style sheets (CSS), without impacting the underlying functionality. Customizations are automatically carried forward as new Jaspersoft versions are deployed. The UI framework enables fast creation of alternative UI themes for different users, different SaaS tenants and different devices. This capability also facilitates the integration of the Jaspersoft BI server within existing web applications.

“The proliferation of data within web applications and the transition of IT services to an on-demand utility requires a flexible, web standards-based BI platform that is ready for deployment anywhere, and for any information consumer profile,” said Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. “Jaspersoft 4 is a first-in-class BI platform architected from the ground up to enable faster custom-built, web-based BI applications that can make BI more pervasive across the business.”

“Jaspersoft 4 has set a new standard for cloud-based BI. Delivering tailored user interfaces that can be branded for each of our charitable organizations while maintaining our multi-tenant SaaS architecture is a brilliant new capability. As a not-for-profit organization, there is considerable pressure to keep costs low while providing key services to our customers. Thanks to Jaspersoft, we can continue to do this while delivering a compelling and useful product.”
– Mark Mann, Virgin Money, Developer

“Red Hat congratulates Jaspersoft on this release. We’re pleased to work with Jaspersoft to provide our joint customers with compelling technology solutions. The new Jaspersoft 4 platform offers our joint customers new innovation with expanded levels of flexibility.”
– Sarangan Rangachari, Senior Director, Cloud Ecosystem and Partnerships, Red Hat

“Jaspersoft is the first BI company to think and design their entire platform for use by and within today’s modern web application stacks. Since Jaspersoft 4 can be deployed just about anywhere, utilizes the standard architectures of web applications and comes with an open source business model, I’m encouraged by Jaspersoft’s approach to BI for both developers and professional users. Jaspersoft is showing great foresight and insight into what developers and BI professionals will need as the demand for BI within web and cloud-based applications continues to grow.
– Lyndsay Wise, Wise Analytics, Founder and President