JNBridge, (www.jnbridge.com), a leading provider of interoperability tools that connect the Java and .NET Frameworks both on the ground and in the cloud, today announced the introduction of JNBridge Labs, a series of newly developed interoperability kits designed to help developers address new ways of connecting disparate technologies both on the ground and in the cloud.  The labs will be distributed freely, announced on the company’s blog, with pointers to documentation and links to source code.

The first lab offered is a new adapter for BizTalk Server that uses SSH (Secure Shell) to enable BizTalk Servers to manipulate remote files securely. For example, Microsoft provides a file adapter Software Development Kit (SDK) for the BizTalk Server, but it does not support secure communications. This new SSH Adapter enables secure manipulation, which is particularly important when files are sitting in the cloud and being accessed over the public Internet. SSH is a network protocol for secure network services between networked computers that it connects via a secure channel over an insecure network. It can be used for many applications across many platforms, including UNIX/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X.

“We expect developers will find these labs useful in addressing problems they encounter in their regular work,” explained Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge. “It also provides a way for developers to interact and share best practices and experiences with one another by testing out new ways of overcoming the significant challenges they face related to interoperability.”

With JNBridge’s SSH Adapter for BizTalk Server, users can securely control files on Linux machines from BizTalk Server, for example, Amazon EC2 cloud files. “While this lab uses SSH in the context of BizTalk Server, it’s important to note that the ability to access and manipulate files securely over a network using SSH is equally compelling from general .NET applications, not just from BizTalk Server, so a similar strategy will allow users to use best-of-breed Java SSH libraries from any .NET application,” Citrin added.

JNBridge’s interoperability adapters and software have received numerous accolades over the company’s past 10 years, including being cited as a Gartner Cool Vendor, Reader’s Choice Award from Visual Studio Magazine, and Best of Tech-Ed 2009.

JNBridge expects to offer several more labs throughout the course of the year. The SSH Lab is available now and can be downloaded at (www.jnbridge.com/labs).