Cloud-native platform provider Pivotal has announced the release of Pivotal Spring Runtime, a support package designed for Java environments like OpenJDK, Spring, and Apache Tomcat. 

According to the company, the release is meant to address recent changes in the Oracle Java SE distribution, which have spiked uncertainty over the rights to use Oracle JDK vs Oracle OpenJDK builds and OpenJDK builds from other providers. The Spring Runtime includes a Pivotal Distribution of OpenJDK with ongoing support and regular security and performance updates. Additionally, the company is now a platinum sponsor of AdoptOpenJDK. 

As part of its Spring support, Pivotal offers commercial support for Spring projects including Spring Framework, Boot, Cloud and Cloud Dataflow. In addition, Pivotal Spring Runtime contains Pivotal tc Server, its distribution of Apache Tomcat.

“Spring is the most popular framework for Java with over a million developers choosing Spring every month; it’s how the modern enterprise does Java development,” said Ryan Morgan, VP of engineering for Pivotal’s  application platform. “Enterprises are now looking for a new long-term supplier for Java. They can enjoy world-class support and unrivaled industry expertise with Pivotal and Pivotal Spring Runtime.”

Pivotal Spring Runtime also supports Java workloads running on Linux and Windows server environments including server-side apps running on bare metal, VMs, containers, or Kubernetes, according to the company’s post. Developers can choose between a yearly subscription based on Kubernetes Pods or Cores used.