Microsoft announced that it will no longer provide updates or support for the Zulu for Azure build of OpenJDK as of the end of this year. 

For those customers who wish to continue using Azul OpenJDK-based distributions, Azul will publish free updates of Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK, with optional commercial support available through Azul. 

Microsoft Build of OpenJDK will be used for Java 11 and future versions and Eclipse Adoptium’s Temurin will be available for Java 8. 

Additional details are available here. 

Google updates Passes API to store COVID vaccine and testing info on Android devices

Google updated its Passes API to be able to store COVID vaccination and testing information on Android devices. 

Developers from healthcare organizations, government agencies, and organizations authorized by public health authorities to distribute COVID vaccines and/or tests will have access to these APIs to create a digital version of COVID vaccination or test information, according to Google in a blog post

Tim Berners-Lee’s WWW source code sold for $5.4 million USD

The original files that contained the source code for the World Wide Web were sold for $5.4 billion offered as an NFT. 

“Until very recently, selling a digital-born artifact was not a possibility, however the advent of NFTs has now made this possible, allowing the buyer to prove that the files on offer here are the original, digital- born manuscript for the greatest and most consequential invention of modern times, direct from Sir Tim Berners-Lee, their creator,” the auction catalogue on Sotheby’s stated. 

NFTs use blockchain technology to ingrain provable scarcity within files, which doesn’t allow it to be infinitely reproducible. 

Additional information on the sale is available here