The immediate benefit of the IDE is that NaturalONE will make it easier for users to exploit the extensions and “more modern patterns and structures” in Natural and in Software AG’s other products, said Duggan.

“The other aspect here is that [Software AG] hopes to draw in those development teams that might be seeking something easier and more productive than Java. This is the same as the hope that IBM puts forward for EGL [Enterprise Generation Language],” Duggan added. EGL is a business-oriented language that was designed by IBM.

However, Gartner does not see any evidence that Natural is attracting many Java or .NET developers, Duggan said. NaturalONE is a substantial tool investment that is a “cash cow” for Software AG, he added.

“[NaturalONE] seems enough for the purpose of slowing moves away from Natural and its community, but not enough to ignite a renaissance.”