Npm, the company behind the open-source npm package manager for JavaScript, has launched a new feature called Private Modules, allowing developers to share and reuse private and confidential code.

Private Modules, a hosted version of the company’s npm Enterprise offering, is a US$7-per-month service enabling developers to host an unlimited amount of private JavaScript packages with the ability to manage read/write access. Private Modules also give developers the ability to add and manage collaborators on a project through npm on a JavaScript project.

Along with Private Modules, the company announced it has raised $8 million in Series A funding in a round led by VC firm Bessemer Venture Partners, along with True Ventures.

Npm acts as a package manager for all frameworks, platforms and language implementations within the JavaScript ecosystem, including Apache Cordova, Angular, CoffeeScript, Grunt, jQuery, Node.js, React and more. According to the company, npm is currently used by approximately 2.3 million JavaScript developers daily, with more than 1.1 million downloads in the past month via npm’s registry of more than 140,000 code packages.

The open-source npm repository on GitHub will be updated to version 2.8.1 in the coming week, with additional changes enabling Private Modules. Currently, private packages are only available for individual users, but enterprise support is forthcoming.

More details on npm Private Modules is available here.