Jelastic Inc., the creators of the most innovative Java cloud hosting platform, today announced the integration of the Jelastic platform with Eclipse, the most popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java development. The Jelastic plug-in for Eclipse significantly facilitates development and deployment of Java EE projects on this platform as developers can manage their deployments and hosting environments without switching between the IDE and the browser.

Jelastic platform is an innovative PaaS that received the Duke´s Choice Award 2012 – the Java community´s most prestigious prize for technology leaders. The key priority of Jelastic´s creators is to make cloud hosting of Java apps as easy as possible: that is why the platform supports integration with the most popular build systems (Maven, Ant, Hudson and Jenkins) and can now be integrated with Eclipse IDE. A special plug-in for Eclipse makes development of Java EE web applications on the Jelastic platform much more convenient, since the developer can now log in to Jelastic and deploy the app in the cloud right from Eclipse.

The Jelastic plug-in for Eclipse provides the developer with the following useful functions:
– Ability to manage (start, stop, and so on) user environments,
– Deploy Eclipse projects to Jelastic,
– Access server log files, and much more.

All these functions are available from the Eclipse interface. Why is this so important? Even though Jelastic platform is designed to be very simple and user-friendly, it still can be very distracting and inconvenient to constantly switch between Eclipse and a browser. For many Java developers, Eclipse is at the core of their activities, so they will appreciate the opportunity to deploy an app in the cloud right from a familiar IDE.

The plug-in can be downloaded from or installed automatically from Eclipse. You can learn more about Jelastic Eclipse plugin in Jelastic documentation:

In the future, plug-ins for integration with other widely used IDEs will also be available.