JetBrains, the creators of IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper, TeamCity and other intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, today announced the availability of a new major release of YouTrack, their innovative issue tracking and agile project management system.

YouTrack has gained widespread popularity thanks to its keyboard-oriented approach, powerful search queries and command syntax, and fully customizable workflows and issue attributes.

YouTrack 4.0 introduces a completely new, independent Agile project management module. Now Scrum teams can plan and manage their work during a series of consecutive sprints, while teams that follow Kanban process can manage and measure their work flow on the board. Agile project management in YouTrack is flexible enough to adapt to mature Scrum or Kanban workflows, as well as to introduce new teams to these Agile processes. In fact, all teams can get the best of both worlds, by blending their favorite practices from either process.

“YouTrack doesn’t impose any specific Agile process on you, but helps you follow the core methodology guidelines and adapt them to your workflow,” said Vadim Gurov, YouTrack Team Lead. “If you’re new to Agile, you can organize and visualize your process and get introduced to the main principles of each process. If you’re an expert, you can easily adapt YouTrack to your workflow and mix-and-match the best practices of each process.”

Key Agile features of new YouTrack 4.0 include:
• Scrum/Kanban boards
• Backlog management
• Burndown and Cumulative Flow charts
• Multiple projects on one board

Other great features in YouTrack 4.0 include:
• Custom notification templates
• Custom reordering of issues
• Subtasks support
• SSL keys management
• Workflow compliance
• Global and Personal Context

To learn more and try YouTrack, please visit its official website at

YouTrack is available as a hosted in the cloud service (SaaS), or a stand-alone web application for download. Both options include a Free version accommodating up to 10 users. To use YouTrack and enjoy Agile management for free, download it at or sign up for YouTrack InCloud at

YouTrack InCloud commercial plans start from $10/month. YouTrack Stand-Alone packs start from $249 and include a 1-year subscription for software upgrades. For more details about YouTrack pricing please see