JetBrains released Datalore for Enterprise, a collaborative team environment that helps data scientists to work together in Jupyter Notebooks.  

It provides a convenient way to dynamically manage Python environments, helps connect and explore data and introduces smart code autocompletion. 

In addition, Datalore for Enterprise allows teams to connect hardware, configure team environments, authenticate users and manage team resources. 

Google to require all new apps be published with Android App Bundle 

Google is requiring that all new apps be published using the Android App Bundle standard starting in August 2021. 

This will replace the APK as the standard publishing format and will make the app smaller by an average of 15%. 

Other benefits include Play App Signing, Play Feature Delivery, Play Asset Delivery and more. 

Additional details are available here.

MariaDB partners with AWS to extend MariaDB SkySQL to cloud 

The partnership will enable deeper product integration and a go-to-market relationship for joint customers. 

SkySQL can deploy MariaDB on AWS as a distributed SQL database for scalable transaction processing, as a multi-master cluster for continuous availability, or as a multi-node columnar database for data warehousing and analytics requiring high availability and/or scalability. 

“Customers will maximize time to value and future proof their public cloud investments by taking advantage of this collaboration and how SkySQL unlocks what’s possible on AWS,” said Kevin Farley, director of strategic alliances at MariaDB Corporation.

Cisco completes acquisition of Kenna Security

Cisco announced that it completed the acquisition of the risk-based vulnerability management provider Kenna Security.

With the acquisition, Cisco customers will be able to solve critical security posture challenges by working cross-functionally to rapidly automate prediction, identification, prioritization and remediation of cybersecurity threats. 

“By taking a risk-based approach to vulnerability management, we are able to speed and automate threat detection and response, allowing users to quickly address the most pressing issues first,” said Jeetu Patel, executive vice president and general manager at Cisco Security and Collaboration.