JFrog today announced that its latest release of JFrog Artifactory now offers support for the new Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), making it the only proven secure clustered high availability Docker Hub Registry.

Now available, JFrog Artifactory version 3.9 is designed to improve the productivity of development and DevOps teams using Docker by serving as a proxy for both public and private Docker registries. This enables developers to work with Docker images as local files and proxy remote images as needed, which dramatically increases performance of downloading these images and prevents duplication. Additionally, with the Docker images cached, developers can decide which ones to use or not use, all the while guaranteeing high availability of the images, regardless of issues with the network, remote registries or Docker Hub.

This new support for remote Docker registries positions JFrog as the leading Docker tool provider, as it optimizes the download, storage and management of Docker images. Currently, the world’s largest private Docker registry is using JFrog Artifactory to serve more than 40 terabytes of images and over 200,000 requests per minute.

In addition, JFrog Artifactory 3.9 includes new support for Git Large File Storage (LFS), making it the only binary repository that supports Git LFS. For the first time, the cost of moving from Git LFS to JFrog Artifactory is zero, making it significantly easier and cost effective for GitHub clients to store and manage larger files in a proper binary repository rather than with the source code files.