Software Development, a leading vendor of source code formatting tools, has officially launched Jindent 4.2.2 with brand new support for the programming languages C and C++. Jindent 4.2.2 for C/C++ is available worldwide immediately.

“Jindent is a very powerful source code formatting platform which has proven its functionality and stability worldwide since 1997.” said Tobias Andree, CEO of Newforms – Software Development. “The new Jindent 4.2.2 version offers more than 300 formatting settings for C/C++, fine grained and easy configuration by a graphical front end with real-time preview functionality, command line tools for batch processing and tight IDE integrations to ensure a seamless development process.”

The new Jindent is designed to apply corporate code conventions automatically on developers’ C and C++ source code. Developers use source code formatting tools to increase their code quality, to meet their company’s or third party’s code conventions without spending expensive time by formatting the source code manually, and to reduce differences and unnecessary merging conflicts in version control systems.

The full array of features integrated in Jindent makes it an excellent quality assurance tool to apply corporate code conventions within companies or projects. The latest release of Jindent for C/C++ includes:

– Intelligent line wrapping algorithms;
– Several indentation and alignment policies;
– Predefined and highly customizable brace style transformation;
– Insertion of parentheses and braces to improve the readability of code blocks and logical expressions;
– Very fine grained blank line and white space formatting;
– Semantic source code separation;
– Insertion and substitution of header and footer;
– Support for conversion of characters and end-of-line encodings;
– Highly generic preprocessor parser to handle all kind of complex preprocessor styles;
– Tightly integrated plugins for the most popular IDEs platforms, including Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Jdeveloper;
– Bundled as standalone application with a graphical front-end and as command line tool for unattended batch processing;
– Support for all common operating systems – Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UNIX.

For more information on Jindent and to download the latest trial version, please visit the website at