Jitterbit, the leading provider of fast, agile integration solutions for the modern enterprise, today announced full availability of the Harmony Integration Cloud Platform, making it easy for companies to amplify the value of their business apps by connecting them across the entire enterprise in days, rather than weeks or months. This new solution fulfills Jitterbit’s promise to unify ten years of integration innovation and expertise into a single cloud platform designed for the real-life requirements of modern CIOs and enterprise architects. After tremendous positive feedback from over 5,000 live data loader customers, Jitterbit is releasing the full enterprise edition of Harmony to a general audience at Jitterbit.com.

“The cloud is changing the value proposition of integration as it has changed the value proposition of enterprise applications,” said Rebecca Wettman, vice president at Nucleus Research Inc. “With its single cloud platform and enterprise focus on integration lifecycle management, Jitterbit Harmony can increase customer ROI with lower initial and ongoing costs, faster time to value, and greater abilities to deliver incremental value over time.”

Today’s companies are transforming their businesses with integrated digital processes that connect the explosion of new endpoints created by the convergence of cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things. Experts predict that by 2020, there will be more than 50 billion digital endpoints that can be connected to create more efficient business processes. But with 85 percent of enterprise data still stored in on-premise systems such as ERP solutions, custom applications, and secure databases, companies need a flexible integration platform that can connect these diverse applications and ultimately break down the walls of siloed data.

Harmony continues Jitterbit’s strategy to simplify the integration of the exponentially growing number of new application endpoints with existing on-premise technologies – and to manage those connections throughout the entire integration lifecycle. Its graphical “Clicks Not Code” approach empowers business analysts to connect applications in days and create connected business processes that open new channels of revenue and streamline manual tasks. The Harmony Cloud architecture delivers global scale along with the fastest performance and extensibility in the market. Now companies can amplify their technology investments by integrating them into high-value digital processes.

“We faced a challenge in figuring out how to connect our Autodesk Cloud PLM 360 product with the variety of ERP, CRM, PDM systems our customers are using to manage their processes and projects,” said Brian Roepke, Director of PLM and PDM at Autodesk (To see more about how Jitterbit helped Autodesk amplify the value of its applications, watch this video testimonial). “Jitterbit pulled off an amazing feat with Harmony, delivering a simple to use, yet sophisticated integration cloud platform that boosts the performance of business systems by connecting them together to enhance the value of information throughout an organization.”

Since the summer of 2013, the Data Loader for Salesforce has been live on the Harmony Platform with over 5,000 customers. Today, the full enterprise edition is available to the general public, delivering tangible business benefits:

Amplify the Value of Any App — Jitterbit Harmony allows companies to connect their siloed applications to any cloud, mobile, and social endpoint. By bringing their apps together in Harmony, companies can quickly integrate business processes, such as connecting cloud front-office applications to on-premise ERP to providing order and billing detail for a call center rep who needs to resolve customer billing issues. Harmony provides a visual studio so that non-technical users can easily design innovative processes that connect multiple endpoints, devices, geographies, and partners. Features include:
• Quickly connect to hundreds of applications
• Complete integration lifecycle management
• Use Jitterbit Automapper to intelligently map fields
• Build powerful integration processes with the visual studio designer
• Add business logic with the built-in formula library

Choose Your Venue — Not all modern architectures are the same. Companies want to choose how to deploy their integrations. Harmony is a single cloud platform that allows customers to seamlessly run integrations across three deployment options without complex, manual migrations. With Harmony, enterprises can:
• Run 100% Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid.
• Elastic cloud agent network scales to meet real-time requirements.
• Lightweight on premise agents provide secure local connectivity.
• Smart clustering offers chart-topping performance and high-availability.

Orchestrate Integration Success — Companies are managing thousands of endpoints and hundreds of applications that move at the speed of the cloud. These modern businesses need new ways to control and govern their environments.
• Anywhere, any device Cloud management.
• Secure team and user-based access permissions and delegation.
• Real-time error alerts and complete audit trail.
• Smart migration across unlimited environments.

“We are thrilled to deliver the biggest product release in our 10-year history to the general public,” said George Gallegos, CEO at Jitterbit. “The Harmony Platform is the realization of our commitment to give customers and partners the power to use integration to amplify the value of their applications with the most modern and fastest Cloud integration platform in the market.”

To learn more about Jitterbit Harmony, visit our website.