BitMethods, a software consulting company specializing in embedded and Internet technologies, is proud to announce the availability of the JMWidgets software library.  JMWidgets is an open source HTML5 widget library specifically designed for dashboard and automation applications.  JMWidgets software is based on the popular jQuery JavaScript library and uses the same interface as jQuery and jQuery UI widgets.  Widgets can be added to a page with a single line of code.    

JMWidgets includes a full set of graphical, automation style widgets including Lights, Knobs, Bar Graphs, Sliders and Gauges.  All widgets are based on JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 technology and run on tablets, smart phones and modern web browsers. To improve design consistency, JMWidgets incorporates themes into all widgets and provides several realistic designs, including: Chrome, Gold, Copper, Black Plastic and White Plastic.  All of the JMWidget software is open source and free to use by individuals and companies under the MIT or GPLv2 licenses.

“It is clear that HTML5 will be a key technology for the automation industry in the future.  Home Automation, Factory Automation, Internet of Things, Machine to Machine and Smart Grid need effective visualization.  HTML5 provides a powerful and open platform to display data.” said Mike Charls, President of BitMethods.  “We are providing JMWidgets as an open source project so that all people can use the widgets and work as a community to build an open visualization platform based on HTML5.”

JMWidgets can be downloaded from the JMWidgets website at  The website provides online documentation, example code and demonstrates real world automation style applications based on HTML5.