JNBridge, the leading provider of interoperability tools to connect the Java and .NET Frameworks on the ground and in the cloud, today announced a new JNBridge Lab — creating a .NET-based visual monitoring system for a Hadoop cluster.

JNBridge Labs is a series of interoperability kits designed to help developers connect disparate technologies in new ways. This lab provides a conceptual framework for visually monitoring the status of all the nodes in a Hadoop cluster in real time. Designed to work with any implementation of Hadoop, the lab demonstrates how to integrate an existing visualization tool, like Visio, to leverage the superior graphical capabilities available in Microsoft .NET.

 “Tools currently available for managing an Apache Hadoop cluster are restricted by the lack of direct API access to the Hadoop nodes themselves. Without robust interoperability and integration mechanisms, monitoring and managing Hadoop is either limited to simple HTML, or to a single implementation of Hadoop,” said Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge. “This JNBridge Lab is unique in its versatility: showing developers how to push or pull any information in or out of Hadoop that its APIs permit. It works with any implementation of Hadoop, and the application can run in the standard Windows and .NET desktop environment.”

In addition to Microsoft Visio, developers could easily expand the example to use WPF or WinForms, or run on Linux with Mono.

All JNBridge labs are distributed freely, with full documentation and source code. They are announced on the company’s blog and are available on JNBridge’s website.