JNBridge, (www.jnbridge.com), the award-winning provider of interoperability tools that connect the Java and .NET frameworks, has released a new version 2.1 of its JMS Adapters for .NET and for BizTalk Server. JNBridge’s JMS Adapters enable enterprises to quickly and easily connect JMS infrastructures with BizTalk Server or other .NET applications, resulting in lower costs and reduced deployment times. The latest releases incorporate several customer-driven requests, including fault-tolerant connections and support for ISO 8859-15 encoding of XML documents.

The JNBridge JMS Adapters enable enterprises to integrate any existing JMS (Java Message Service) infrastructure with BizTalk Server or with Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications. With the adapters, customers are able to quickly configure transports and integrate applications, simplifying the complexity and therefore allowing development teams to reduce risk and focus on automating other businesses processes.

“As one of the requestors, we are eagerly awaiting these important new features in the JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server,” said Ralf Quebbemann, technology consultant at Ulla Popken GmbH. “The adapter has already greatly simplified the complex task of integrating BizTalk with our existing JMS infrastructure for all three JMS implementations – WebSphere, SonicMQ and GlassFish – and eliminated what would otherwise have been a potentially long and costly development effort. We rely on JNBridge — we couldn’t have done this ourselves.”

Version 2.1 of the JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server adds:
    •    Fault-tolerant connections for JMS Server shutdown scenarios. This feature provides the ability to configure specific behaviors for send and receive locations when the JMS server is explicitly brought down. Locations can be configured to either disable or periodically attempt to reconnect to the JMS server.
    •    Support for ISO 8859-15 encoding. Used almost exclusively in Europe, ISO 8895-15 is a single byte encoding that includes the Euro currency character.
    •    Ability to add a unique identifier to a receive location. This allows multiple receive locations to access the same JMS queue or topic providing a mechanism to support concurrent message consumption using JMS message selectors.
    •    New configuration documents for SonicMQ and GlassFish/OpenMQ.
    •    Improved logging and error reporting.

Version 2.1 of the JMS Adapter for .NET adds:
    •    Support for .NET 4.0.
    •    Support for version 2.0 of Microsoft’s WCF Line-of-Business adapter framework providing support for Visual Studio 2010.
    •    Support for Microsoft’s Azure AppFabric API, allowing .NET client endpoints running in the cloud to consume and produce JMS messages from JMS servers on the ground.
    •    Extended configuration and tuning documentation.

Both adapters are now:
    •    Built on top of JNBridgePro 5.1, which adds support for .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010.

“This particular set of new features demonstrates how crucial the adapters have become to some of our enterprise customers’ business processes,” said Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge. “It’s a real pleasure to help our customers successfully implement interoperability in these kinds of situations and contexts where before it just wasn’t practical or feasible.”

Version 2.1 of the JMS Adapters for BizTalk Server and for .NET are available for immediate download at www.jnbridge.com/downloads.htm, and can be purchased directly from JNBridge. For more information on JNBridge, please visit www.jnbridge.com.