To meet the ongoing demands of developers for fast, reliable, scalable and secure connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server, JNetDirect Incorporated today announced the release of JSQLConnect 8.

JSQLConnect is a JDBC driver that’s compatible with SQL Server 2014 and all previous versions of SQL Server and is one of the most popular drivers, with the software component embedded in thousands of applications around the world.

“With JSQLConnect 8, we continue to enhance our Bulk Loading Feature for handling large volumes of data without application changes,” said Ron Wright, President of JNetDirect. “We’ve demonstrated that JSQLConnect’s bulk insert is 1.5 times faster than our nearest competitor.”

JSQLConnect 8 has been updated with the latest Kerberos authentication support and NTLM authentication with SSL enabled. The enhanced security is supported within local, cloud and hybrid environments. JSQLConnect is also fully compatible with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and other cloud-based SQL Server offerings.

“The JNet development team continues to keep JSQLConnect current on all specifications with the latest support of SQL Server 2014; JDBC 4.x; TDS 7.4; all major platforms and both 32-bit and 64-bit applications,” added Wright. “We are solely focused on Microsoft SQL Server and have an extensive knowledge base to assist our customers. As such, our technical support team can quickly work with developers to solve any issues during our free 30-day trial period for testing the driver in your application.”

JNetDirect also announced the introduction of a new OEM Starter Package for JSQLConnect and reduced pricing on selected software license offerings. Last month, JNetDirect released Combine version 6, a DBA tool for automating the database code release process by deploying multiple scripts to unlimited servers with a single click.