Jinfonet Software, a leader in Java reporting, today announced reporting solutions for Salesforce.com’s cloud database, Database.com.  This new development provides the ability to create reports and dashboards to directly access Database.com, the first enterprise database built for the cloud.
As a result of this support, JReport can now access Database.com using SQL, just like accessing any other data source.  Providing business intelligence solutions for Database.com greatly simplifies the development of cloud-based enterprise applications.
“Salesforce.com designed Database.com to address the growing need to support mobile, social and cloud-based applications in the enterprise,” said George Hu, Executive Vice President of Platform and Marketing, Salesforce.com.
“JReport’s enabling cloud data reporting through Database.com will drastically improve the functionality of actionable information for Database.com’s customers,” said Greg Harris, Senior Product Manager at Jinfonet Software.  “This allows users to run reports and create new reports from cloud data in exactly the same way as if the data is in a locally managed DBMS.”
JReport’s access to Database.com employs the DataDirect JDBC driver. “Only 100% Java based tools such as JReport can effectively utilize these Java-based drivers.  Providing access to cloud data using JReport will speed the proliferation of cloud-based applications across the enterprise,” Harris explained.
With JReport’s enablement for cloud data reporting, customers can now instantly add high performance reporting, data visualization, dashboards and ad hoc analysis to their Database.com applications, including Salesforce.com’s Force.com and other applications.