Kapow Software is partnering with SDL’s Web Content Management Division, the leading provider of Global Information Management solutions, to expedite the migration of legacy digital assets to SDL Tridion. With the Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform, all types of legacy content can be automatically accessed, transformed and migrated without business disruptions or content freezes.

Manual content migration requires a significant amount of time and resources and can inhibit productivity. Customers can now automate the migration of content from multiple sources into SDL Tridion using the Kapow Katalyst platform. Kapow Katalyst extracts content and metadata from existing websites, unstructured files, and databases, among many other sources. Kapow Katalyst then applies business rules to transform and map source content to SDL Tridion content templates, loading directly into SDL Tridion.

Recently, IHS, a leading global source of critical information and insight, selected Kapow Software to ensure the most efficient and accurate content migration for its major corporate website renovation. IHS is consolidating several websites and chose the Kapow Katalyst platform to automate and simplify the complex process of extracting and migrating all of its legacy data to SDL Tridion. Using Kapow Katalyst’s self-service integration with its SDL Tridion-based Web Content Management (WCM) system, IHS can rapidly and reliably automate the migration of all content without manual coding, significantly lowering costs and time to market.

“The IHS website project is a large and very important step in our online marketing strategy, and it will transform how we engage our customers as well as position us for strategic growth,” said Kevin Spiller, senior director, website management and strategy at IHS. “After our extensive due diligence process, it was clear that Kapow Software’s successful track record of streamlining complex content migration processes and its integration with SDL Tridion was the best option for us.”

Kapow Katalyst allows companies to complete enterprise-grade migrations in a fraction of the time and cost of past methods due to its robust automation capabilities. The solution’s visual point-and-click Interactive Development Environment (IDE) enables surgical data extraction of all content formats, including static HTML pages, as well as cleansing and standardization of all content through its powerful data transformation functionality. In addition, Kapow Software’s certified connector to the SDL Tridion WCM system further speeds and eases loading of legacy data by eliminating the need for hand coding to application programming interfaces (APIs).

“IHS is a prime example of how Kapow Software helps companies move their business forward by eliminating the barriers to reliably accessing, transforming, and migrating web data – all without costly and time consuming coding,” said Jan Jaap Kolleman, CEO at SDL Web Content Management Division. “IHS is benefiting from Kapow Katalyst’s accurate, scalable, and pain-free content migration, which will reduce the time and cost of their website unification project and accelerate time to value with their new SDL Tridion WCM system.”

“Migrating content to a new WCM system is a daunting process,” said Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO, Kapow Software. “Businesses resort to error-prone manual migration, or they hire consultants to code migration scripts. Either way, the content migration cost is too high and the quality is too low. With our new integration to SDL Tridion WCM system, automated migration and content cleansing projects can be delivered more quickly and less expensively than any other method.”