Keynote, the global leader in digital business optimization, today introduced Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence, a new cloud-based analytics suite that provides organizations with real-time insight into the performance of digital assets to improve customer experiences. Built on top of Keynote’s new big data platform and leveraging Keynote’s Performance Management Suite, the product analyzes and benchmarks third party services and competitive performance against an organization’s digital assets. This allows IT and business users to collaborate and proactively improve performance.

With a growing number of customer interactions happening across mobile, web and wearable devices, organizations are challenged to keep pace with the rising expectations of customer experience. The business exposure to IT failures increases as channels become more dependent on third party content and services. This content can impair performance as much as 450 percent1 when IT is unaware of the assets for which they bear responsibility.

Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence makes it easier for organizations to improve their decision-making and optimize revenue outcomes with accurate information into their competitive landscape and visibility into the impact of third-party services and content on digital assets. Line of business and IT users can work together to successfully optimize the reliability, availability and responsiveness of digital assets to support the dynamic needs of customers.

Keynote’s new analytics product arms organizations with the collective data they require to achieve a sustainable competitive edge with:

  • Comprehensive competitive benchmarking: The new offering goes beyond just home or landing page analysis and provides end-to-end competitive benchmarking across organizations’ entire digital properties.  As little as 250 milliseconds can mean the difference between growing revenue and losing customers.
  • Real-time visibility: Rather than a view of monthly or even daily performance metrics, Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence provides instant and continuous insights into digital performance to answer IT and business user questions as they arise.
  • Deeper analytics: Line of business and IT users can now benefit from performance metrics that analyze every stage of the page load process by region, mobile device type or browser, across a wide range of page component and third-party service categories, to better understand how page architecture impacts a customer’s ability to digitally engage.
  • Third party content and service benchmarking: Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence highlights alternate third-party provider options when issues occur to accelerate the IT and business decision-making process with confidence.

“Digital channels have become the primary way customers find and interact with businesses,” said Jennifer Tejada, CEO of Keynote. “As organizations look to engage consumers through digital and mobile offerings, they often overlook the performance impact. Meanwhile, research has shown that customer tolerance for failure on digital channels is significantly decreasing. Our latest release provides the intelligence needed to help organizations increase revenue and achieve a digital advantage by ensuring exciting new services and sources of content do not come at the expense of the user experience.”

Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence extends Keynote’s commitment to optimizing digital business and is part of the Keynote platform. To learn more about new offering, please visit the Keynote blog.