Digital Performance software company Dynatrace, today announced that Keynote is becoming part of Dynatrace, creating the most advanced user experience and behavior monitoring business in the world. This strategic move strengthens Dynatrace’s market position as the premier digital performance management solution provider, offering a unique and comprehensive set of capabilities to companies building a digital enterprise.

In the age of the customer, the depth and breadth of Dynatrace’s combined cloud services provides the world’s first platform to help companies in every industry understand, benchmark and optimize the digital experience they deliver to their customers.

“Keynote and Dynatrace customers are driving the digital transformation of their industries,” said Dynatrace CEO, John Van Siclen. “Very early on, these companies recognized the importance of their customers’ and users’ digital experiences — to their bottom line and to their brand. Individually, Keynote and Dynatrace have been fortunate to be the partner of choice for such industry leaders. We’re very excited to bring our customers together under one umbrella and accelerate the value we can provide to all of them.”

Howard Wilson, Keynote’s former Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President, will run the business unit covering both cloud-based services. As General Manager, Mr. Wilson will spearhead both technologies’ growth and innovation, focusing on supporting Keynote and Dynatrace customers’ digital business strategies and extending Dynatrace’s leadership in the user experience and behavior monitoring markets. Read Howard’s blog post on his plans for the future, here.

“By joining forces, we are the right partner to help businesses of all sizes grow and thrive in the digital economy,” said Wilson. “Together, we support thousands of customers worldwide, from ‘digital natives’ to ‘digital migrants.’ The knowledge we’ve gained from working with these global customers, coupled with each company’s technology innovation leadership, enables us to provide meaningful and actionable customer and user insights to all stakeholders — digital business owners, IT operations and developers.  Delivering and sustaining outstanding digital experiences is the future of business success.”

“No customer will be left behind in this merger,” added Van Siclen. “No customer will have to ‘switch’ services.” Both Keynote and Dynatrace customers will continue to run as usual and, in fact, see immediate additional benefits:

  • Keynote customers will gain immediate access to Dynatrace cloud innovations such as Real User Experience Management as-a-Service, advanced third-party analytics and PurePath Technology.
  • Dynatrace customers will gain immediate access to Keynote’s exclusive “Insights” consulting service.
  • Both customer bases will see an upgrade in their service/portal usability as well as expanded value for business-critical use-cases such as real-time business analytics and omni-channel visibility.

The business unit will bring together the best both companies have to offer across mobile, tablet and web applications:

  • The world’s largest synthetic testing network.
  • The world’s most advanced “visit based” real-user experience monitoring and analysis service.
  • The world’s only third-party web service monitoring system.
  • The world’ most powerful root-cause analytics.
  • The world’s most experienced “Insights” consulting service.

“We’re experiencing a renaissance of sorts in synthetic monitoring,” added Van Siclen. “We’re in a full-on digital economy. Continuously delivering seamless online experiences is a significant and fundamental challenge, especially with the number and type of devices being used and customer expectations for instant results, everywhere, all the time. To support this 24/7 reality, companies need a new generation of digital monitoring solutions that help them see, understand and optimize each and every user action. We’re thrilled that we have the opportunity to enable Dynatrace and Keynote customers to lead that fundamental shift.  With expanded capabilities and joint engineering capacity, customers of both technologies will see near-term value and long-term stability, innovation and growth.”

This merger will cement Dynatrace’s position as the industry’s leading performance management solution provider by technology breadth and depth, revenue and customer base. Dynatrace is now 1,750 persons strong, supporting more than 7,500 global customers, over 100,000 community members and driving more than $450 million in revenue annually.