Kiuwan, Optimyth’s software measuring and analysis solution in the cloud, announced today the release of a major update to its platform aimed at mobile application developers.  The release provides their users with essential support for Objective-C and other demanded programming languages such as JCL and Transact-SQL. Other exciting new features released today are the trends for all Kiuwan metrics and a new notification system to have users up to date with new features and announcements.
Measure the quality of mobile applications
“Mobile applications are not a trend anymore, they are a reality. More and more organizations are embracing mobile as part of their strategy, not to mention the ever-growing number of small companies that develop the thousands of mobile applications we use every day.” said Jesus Martin, CEO of Optimtyh Software. “The benefit static analysis brings to mobile application development is that developers can find potential defects in the early stages of the development life cycle, helping reduce the cost and assure better applications in such a competitive market.”
Kiuwan already offers essential support for one of the two main mobile application platforms, the Android java framework. Today, with this new release, Kiuwan adds important support for Objective-C, the language used to develop applications for the other main mobile platform, iOS. “If you want be serious about supporting mobile development, you have to support the platforms leader in the market. We have done it in record time.” said Javier Salado, Marketing director at Optimyth Software.
In addition to mobile applications, organizations maintain and evolve core business applications that need to be measured and analyzed for quality. In this new release, Kiuwan has added support for JCL and Transact-SQL as well, and added 27 new rules for Javascript. “With these additions, we are positioning Kiuwan as the static analysis tool in the market with the broadest coverage of languages supported, in the cloud, in the easiest and most affordable way.” said Javier Salado.
Kiuwan’s December release also adds a new notification system, which will alert users of new available rules and features, and new trend indicators that will help users see immediately if they are improving their metrics and indicators with every new analysis.