KnowledgeLake has announced they are bringing the power and functionality of KnowledgeLake Imaging to Office. With this update, customers can focus less on infrastructure and technology hassles, and more on their business.

KnowledgeLake solutions for Microsoft Office 365 enable information workers to easily and efficiently onboard, search, find and access paper or electronic content. This results in centralized information and automated business processes that reduce costs, drive productivity and improve financial performance. KnowledgeLake ECM solutions for Microsoft SharePoint support O365, on-premises and hybrid.

“We know customers want to use Office 365 to store high-value document assets, just like they would use the on-premises version of SharePoint today. We are going to continue to expand this offering over the course of next year to include: document viewing with annotations, social and collaboration functions, records management capabilities, etc.,” said Jason Burian, director of product management, KnowledgeLake.

This new update will simplify the indexing experience for KnowledgeLake customers. The enhanced indexing capabilities will make the process of adding metadata quick and easy and will allow automatic index validation against data sources – such as ERP sources and SharePoint lists.

The search experience will also be enhanced, as users will have the same experience they have with KnowledgeLake Imaging. This will include: property-based and keyword-based searching, easy-to-read results list, and more – resulting in the ability to find content instantly.

In addition to KnowledgeLake Imaging, the full KnowledgeLake suite of ECM products is Office 365-ready. These products include:
• KnowledgeLake Capture for Office 365 – On-ramp content to Office 365, transforming paper and electronic documents into searchable, multi-purpose, digital content.
• KnowledgeLake Connect for Office 365 – Equip your employees to interact with Office 365 content directly from their Microsoft Office desktop applications, including: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• KnowledgeLake Unify for Office 365- Speed business processes and improve customer satisfaction by allowing employees to access content stored in Office 365 without leaving their familiar business application screen.