KnowledgeLake, the SharePoint ECM Company, today announced the release of the latest version of KnowledgeLake Connect, an enterprise-ready solution that delivers an unsurpassed end-user experience that empowers users to rapidly explore, view and manage SharePoint content directly from their Microsoft desktop. New features in this update include: Office 365 support with 2013 update, SharePoint 2013 support and Citrix integration.

KnowledgeLake Connect is a fundamental solution for addressing top business challenges with SharePoint document management. KnowledgeLake Connect’s Microsoft Office Ad-ins transcend the ECM environment to allow users to interact with SharePoint content without deep knowledge of SharePoint and without leaving their familiar Microsoft desktop applications. With KnowledgeLake Connect, users can capture documents directly from the suite of Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

“Connect fills the missing, or limited capabilities of out-of-the-box SharePoint to deliver a truly redefined end-user experience. The processes of uploading, finding and interacting with content in SharePoint have never been easier. To put it into perspective, with out-of-the-box SharePoint it takes 16 clicks to upload content, with KnowledgeLake Connect it takes six,” said Brad Porter, product manager at KnowledgeLake.

With the new update, KnowledgeLake Connect now fully supports:
– SharePoint 2013
– Office 2013 with Add-ins
– Office 365 with 2013 Update

In addition to the capabilities listed above, the latest version of KnowledgeLake Connect integrates with Citrix. Citrix technology makes it possible for KnowledgeLake Connect to integrate SharePoint and Line of Business (LOB) applications with an iPad to create an easy-to-use and friendly experience for the mobile worker. This integration capability enables physical applications running on a server to show up on a desktop, giving the user the ability to pick up right where he or she left off, but from the convenience of an iPad or other mobile device.

“Citrix technology brings all of the bells and whistles of KnowledgeLake’s SharePoint ECM solutions (Search, View, Upload…Etc.) to the convenience of the iPad. Integration between Citrix and KnowledgeLake provides a complete solution to work with SharePoint content on the iPad with the serious security, scalability and reliability businesses expect,” said Porter.

Please visit the KnowledgeLake website to learn more about KnowledgeLake Connect.