The ability to automatically classify and recognize documents is among the enhancements to KnowledgeLake’s Capture for SharePoint content solution.

The product update, announced yesterday, also provides new automated data extraction and indexing capabilities, the company said in the announcement. KnowledgeLake, which provides document imaging and capture technologies, said the update to Capture for SharePoint will increase productivity for organizations that have paper-intensive business processes, including loan and invoice processing.

Chris Caplinger, KnowledgeLake’s CTO, said in the announcement: “We wanted to take our Capture solution to the next level and provide our clients with advanced capture features that will enable them to further improve their business productivity by reducing scanning preparation time and data errors. We chose to partner with industry veteran ABBYY to develop a solution using the top document recognition and linguistic technology in the industry.”

These advanced capture enhancements reduce the time spent manually preparing documents for scanning by using the appearance and content of a document to identify its type. Further, the risk of error from manual data entry is reduced by the automated data extraction, validation and storage capabilities in KnowledgeLake’s software. Once the data is captured off a scanned document, the software uploads that data, and associated metadata, into SharePoint.

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