Kodak Alaris, the new company formed in the acquisition of Kodak’s document-imaging and personal-imaging groups, will be expanding into software designed to help organizations capture information and data from multiple sources.

Tony Barbeau, former vice president of document imaging at Kodak, said the new company expected this week to release InfoInsight, software that enables organizations to grab information “from e-mails, texts, tweets, Facebook pages and more, and incorporate them with traditional document information, recognize it, classify it and respond to it.”

InfoInsight is not repository-based, and so will work with any ECM platform, Barbeau explained, just as the company’s scanners integrate with those same systems.

Kodak Alaris already offers InfoActive, a SharePoint-specific browser-based thin client that captures images, electronic documents and more, and moves them into the SharePoint environment.

Dolores Kruchten, president of Kodak Alaris, said in a press conference announcing the company last week that the document-imaging and personal-imaging groups at Kodak generated US$1.3 billion in revenue and employs some 4,700 employees. The company has the right to continue to use the Kodak name in its branding, she said, while adding that Alaris is a sort of portmanteau of “alacrity” and “willingness,” which she said are the core attributes of the company.