To help developers delve into the behaviors of social gaming and application users, and ultimately see what makes them spend money, Kontagent this week introduced Kontagent 2.0, the second version of its social analytics platform.

The new features in Kontagent 2.0 (Social Event Tracking and Social Funnel Analysis) can analyze a user’s engagement with an application and his or her in-game behaviors, explained Albert Lai, Kontagent’s president and cofounder.

The Social Event Tracking feature tracks an unlimited number of events, or how many times a click-through occurs, and compares the behaviors of different users. For example, developers can look at the behaviors of old versus new users or males versus females, or compare the behavior of a user in the Western Hemisphere to one in the Eastern Hemisphere, Lai said.

“The only real requirement is that the application has a unique user ID and can communicate with our REST-based API,” he added. Only when permission is granted can the platform access a user’s personal information.

In addition, user behaviors can be put into segments through filters and visualized in the Social Event Timeline, showing how a user’s behavior changes during the time he or she uses an application. “After the first hour, do people start to generate outbound invitations or purchase in-game currency?” Lai said. “Having this information unlocks insights into the functionalities that add value to an application and shows what needs to be fine-tuned in order for growth.”

The Social Funnel Analysis feature helps developers identify where users drop off, or no longer use the application. It also indicates locations or functionalities in the application that lead to key engagement points, such as spending money or sharing the application with others.

Developers can also drill further down into the information collected to see how many first-time users generate events, then proceed to a monetized event, and what triggered those events, Lai explained.

Although traditionally used with Facebook applications, Kontagent 2.0 works with any application that has access to the Internet, including mobile and desktop applications. Developers can start using Kontagent 2.0 for free, but paid versions are based on the number of users per month.