Kony, Inc., the leading enterprise mobility company, today announced the release of the new open Kony Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS), an innovative set of pre-built multi-channel packaged mobile apps and significant enhancements to the Kony Multi-Channel Experience Cloud. Kony MBaaS, built from the Kony Experience Platform with years of customer mobile application experience, provides a proven and open set of integrated, enterprise-grade cloud services that dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of building enterprise mobile apps. The new Kony packaged mobile apps help organizations achieve a faster time to results for enterprise mobility initiatives by rapidly mobilizing business processes including customer relationship management, human resources, field services and asset management.

“To clearly differentiate and compete in today’s digital economy, organizations need to develop and deliver multi-channel apps that provide a compelling user experience, but that can be a very costly, time consuming and complex process,” said Burley Kawasaki, senior vice president, products for Kony. “To address this challenge, we have introduced the industry’s most scalable and comprehensive platform that includes an open enterprise-grade MBaaS, packaged business mobile apps and a number of key enhancements across the Kony Multi-Channel Experience Cloud suite. The new releases will help organizations quickly mobilize their business processes and cost-effectively deliver compelling multi-channel app experiences. By enhancing our proven set of enterprise mobility products and services, we are now uniquely positioned to deliver stunning mobile experiences with significantly lower total cost of ownership and faster time-to-market.”

“By 2017 mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion and making mobile apps one of the most popular computing tools for users across the globe,” said Van Baker, vice president and research director for Gartner’s Mobile and Client Computing Services. “To help organizations capitalize on this opportunity, they need to rethink development operations by introducing agile development solutions that are built around short cycles and frequent release of simple, purpose-built apps.”

With Kony, developers can embrace all development environments and achieve the following benefits:
• Open Standards-based Development: Kony MBaaSenables developers to use their choice of client development tools and frameworks (including native iOS, Android, JavaScript and PhoneGap) significantly reducing cost and complexity when using Kony’s open enterprise-grade cloud services that include identity management, push messaging, offline data synchronization, orchestration and storage. In addition, Kony MBaaS simplifies Line of Business integration with popular systems such as SAP and Salesforce.com, while an easy-to-use web-based portal offers quick access to configure and manage all the services the app needs.
• Faster Time to Results: Kony’s cloud-ready, packaged mobile business apps now include a completely new user experience, offer built-in offline sync support, and enable organizations to rapidly mobilize existing enterprise back-end processes. The pre-built development services in Kony MBaaS also help organizations achieve a faster time to results by enabling developers to rapidly build, test, deploy and manage enterprise-grade multi-channel apps.
• Stunning Multi-Channel App Experiences: Enhancements to Kony Visualization Cloud enable designers, developers and business users to take advantage of a high-fidelity What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get(WYSIWYG) interface and cloud-based collaboration capabilities to quickly and cost-effectively define, prototype, design and develop stunning multi-channel app experiences.

“As a leading retail chain and pioneer of the self-service pharmacy concept in Venezuela, we need to constantly improve our relationship with our customers,” said Manuel Pereira, Information Technology Vice President, Farmatodo. “Working with Kony we were able to develop a fully customized mobile application with an outstanding user experience in just four weeks, providing true time-to-market benefit. Rather than simply transferring legacy customer relationship management processes onto a mobile device, Kony’s multi-channel solution led us to create an application related to the availability of medicine and other personal care products, specific to the Venezuelan market. Our mobile solution has helped to open new communication and attention channels focusing on customer preferences while we expand our scope in an efficient and innovative manner. We expect for this to translate to business growth and an increase in customer loyalty.”

Kony MBaaS is now available to experience first-hand. To learn more about its enterprise-grade features and start a free, 90-day trial, visit kony.com/mbaas.