Kovair Software, one of the leaders in Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) domain, announces the launch of its enterprise-class software test management product – Kovair iTM – a one stop solution for performing manual and automated testing in conjunction with other tools and development phases across Application Lifecycle stages.

Kovair’s Integrated Test Management – iTM framework is equipped with multi-tool integration capabilities through the Kovair Omnibus, which supports Continuous Integration, automated triggering of builds, provisioning, test automation and real-time reports and metrics, ensuring Continuous Delivery and rapid deployment practices – the road map to DevOps.

“Today, the software industry is adopting continuous development and testing in production, continuous deployment using automated processes which are repeatable and reliable and continuous monitoring of quality and feedback mechanisms at every stage. Kovair iTM has been configured to meet all these requirements of the state-of-the-art processes,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair in a recent interview conducted by Michael Lippis from Outlook series.

“In the world of agility, everybody talks about testing not being a mere phase anymore but an integral part of the lifecycle right from the beginning. For really achieving this, organizations need a central integrated test management tool along with a strategy and capabilities of extending its support for CI & CD,” said Amit Dasgupta, Director – Product Management and Marketing at Kovair.

Watch a short video demonstrating how Kovair iTM solution helps organizations face various productivity challenges and ensures delivery quality at a lower cost.

Kovair iTM – The Value Propositions for Development Managers, QA Managers, and Project Managers

1. Seamless integration with requirements, QA, development, and bug tracking tools like Kovair Req. Mgmt., Rally, Visual Studio, TFS, HP QC, Test Link, RFT, RQM, MTM, QTP, Selenium, JIRA and Bugzilla
2. Task-based Process Engine with graphical drag-and-drop designer to support any workflow across development and testing phases
3. Schedule based test automation script execution enables continuous delivery
4. Execution of Test Automation scripts written in tools like QTP and Selenium from a central platform makes test automation an integral part of the project execution process
5. Automatic capturing of defects from test cases gives real-time update on the status of quality
6. End-to-end traceability provides better release predictability and helps to ensure quality at every stage
7. Real-time reports and dashboards help in better-informed decision-making
8. Proactive impact analysis through established traceability helps in doing change management more efficiently

To learn how Kovair iTM caters to all the advanced testing needs, please contact Kovair QA experts.