The Kubernetes message queue and message broker solution provider KubeMQ has announced its Kubernetes Operator is now Red Hat OpenShift Operator certified

The OpenShift Operator Certification is meant to give users confidence when building next-generation projects on Red Hat’s Kuberentes and containers app platform OpenShift. With the certification, users will be able to deploy KubeMQ through the Red Hat OpenShift Operator catalog.

‘KubeMQ is a Kubernetes message queue broker, enterprise-grade, scalable, highly available and more secure. Helping enterprises to build stable microservices solutions that can be easily scaled as well as enabling additional microservices to be quickly developed and added to the solution,” wrote in a post

KubeMQ is Kubernetes native, easy to deploy, provides enterprise-grade assurance and is available on all messaging patterns. 

“We are proud to deliver a Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator. It is an important milestone for KubeMQ as it contributes to earning industry recognition as a qualified enterprise solution. The KubeMQ Operator will provide enterprises with simple and robust access to our Kubernetes native message queue,” said Gil Eyal, KubeMQ’s CEO.