LEAD Technologies, Inc. is announcing a new technology path for its product line that will extend the power of LEADTOOLS imaging technology to multiple platforms and mobile devices via HTML5, JSON Web Services and native libraries for the Android and iOS platforms. This exciting new addition is called LEADTOOLS Anywhere! LEAD plans to release each product update incrementally throughout the second and third quarters of 2012.

The first update to be released will include a new zero footprint HTML5 viewer and extendable JavaScript library for viewing images on any browser, operating system, platform and device that supports HTML5. This viewer will include many interactive features with multi-touch and gesture support including pan, zoom, magnifying glass, annotations, window leveling for DICOM, PACS communication and more. IT and support departments in the larger organizations, or any organization with multiple offices or locations will benefit greatly from the ease of deployment and on-going maintenance that comes from using a zero-foot print viewer.

Also included within the first LEADTOOLS Anywhere release will be JSON web services. These services seamlessly integrate with the new HTML5 viewer — as well as with existing LEADTOOLS products such as the ASP.Net and Silverlight viewers — to add OCR, Barcode, advanced image processing and extended image format support.

“As we all know,” says Otis Goodwin, Manager of LEADTOOLS Developer Support, “consumers are relying on their mobile devices more and more as a means to stay connected with their online data. Likewise companies are encouraging their employees to use mobile devices to be more efficient at their work. To meet these demands, organizations aren’t just providing desktop and web versions of their applications anymore. The natural trend is to provide the same type of experience on both desktops and mobile devices. The coming versions of LEADTOOLS will help companies provide this experience for their customers and their employees. As an example,” continued Goodwin, “if a doctor needs to view a patient’s X-Ray when they are out of their office or the hospital, or a delivery driver needs the ability to read a change order sent to them in any image or document format, LEADTOOLS Anywhere will have the ability to create the solution that is needed.”

Following the HTML5 release, LEAD will provide native libraries for both the Android and iOS platforms. Mobile application developers will be able to create fast and robust imaging applications with advanced capabilities including 150+ formats, OCR, Barcode, Image Processing, DICOM, PACS and much more.

LEAD has provided two demos for customers to preview the HTML5 viewer’s image display and processing features for General Image Viewing and DICOM/PACS Viewing.