LEAD Technologies released on Tuesday LEADTOOLS version 17.5, with an advanced PDF document reader, an updated version of its Barcode tool, an Optical Character Recognition Advantage Engine, a Cloud SDK, and multimedia and medical imaging engines.

Otis Goodwin, manager of developer support at LEAD Technologies, said that this new release aims to provide significant enhancements to the document, medical and multimedia imaging engines, and improved cloud compatibility.

“We realize the growth cloud and grid computing has made over the last few years, and wanted to include a complete framework customers could use to move their applications to the cloud,” he said. “We have also added many features that allow us to natively interact with several document formats—specifically PDF—making version 17.5 one of our biggest releases for the document imaging industry.”

This SDK is meant for developers working with in-application documentation and particularly those who need documents to include feature-rich technology, such as scrolling, zooming and metadata.

The PDF support is part of the document reader tool, which allows reading images, thumbnails, text and metadata from any supported document format using a uniform set of methods and properties, according to the company. Developers can create these documents, with all the capabilities, without knowing specifics of the format of the application prior to development.

The updates to Barcode, a tool used to detect, read and generate a 1D or 2D barcode, include support for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. Developers can also use the tool’s newly redesigned .NET interface, which can read barcodes in an image with a single application service call.

The Optical Character Recognition Advantage Engine includes improvements in AutoZoning, table detection, image auto-processing and spellchecking. It also provides support for 32 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The Cloud SDK provides a framework that can be used to create cloud-based, distributed computing applications utilizing all of the tools updated by the 17.5 release and all tools that are part of the LEAD technologies system.