LEAD Technologies announces the release of LEADTOOLS WinRT Module. This new product provides native WinRT imaging libraries for developing the next generation of applications for any desktop, tablet or Windows Phone running Windows 8. The LEADTOOLS WinRT Module is available as an add-on to any LEADTOOLS Document or Medical SDK, and its availability will coincide with Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 on October 26th.

“One of the keys to LEAD’s successful 20+ year history of providing a world class imaging SDK to software developers has been our ability to meet the challenge of keeping LEADTOOLS in step with Microsoft’s OS and API advancements,” said Moe Daher, Chairman and CEO of LEAD Technologies. “Microsoft is releasing the future of Windows application development with WinRT, and LEAD is releasing the future of imaging development with LEADTOOLS WinRT Module. We are pleased to share in the industry excitement by releasing LEADTOOLS WinRT Module concurrently with the Windows 8 release. Developers searching for the very best imaging technology to add to their Windows Store apps will find it in LEADTOOLS WinRT on the same day Windows 8 is released.”

The LEADTOOLS WinRT Module is the first imaging SDK released to the market largely because of Daher’s vision and an aggressive Beta program that generated positive feedback. “We have beta users from all over the world, and their comments gave us confidence that not only did we have the initial feature set correct, but the SDK itself is stable and ready for commercial development” said Otis Goodwin, LEAD’s Developer Support Manager. “Customers looking to image enable brand new Windows Store apps can hit the ground running.”

Developers will find everything they need to create powerful imaging enabled Windows Store applications, whether they are developing a basic imaging app or creating powerful document and medical applications. The highly interactive viewer controls in LEADTOOLS support both mouse and multi-touch input and can load, save, display, process and annotate over 150 image formats including PDF, PDF/A, DOCX, PPT, JPEG 2000, TIFF, JBIG2, PSD, and more. Beyond these basic imaging features, LEAD has created native libraries for advanced document and medical imaging capabilities such as OCR, Barcode, DICOM Data Set, Window Leveling, DICOM Annotations and PACS.

The LEADTOOLS WinRT Module can be used to fill in the blanks and extend additional imaging functionality with interoperability classes for converting between LEADTOOLS’ RasterImage object and the standard WinRT imaging objects such as ImageSource and WritableBitmap. Customers currently developing Windows Runtime based applications can quickly add support for PDF by using LEADTOOLS to load the file and convert it to the native Windows Runtime objects. Additional imaging technologies such as OCR and Barcode can be easily implemented with minimal changes to their code. In fact, any LEADTOOLS feature can be added to extend applications in this manner.

This exciting new release is the most advanced imaging toolkit available and solidifies LEAD’s position as the world’s #1 imaging SDK provider. The LEADTOOLS product line continues to be the richest and most comprehensive imaging technology available for the latest development platforms and interfaces.