It’s the time of year during which the crystal balls are broken out and folks try to see into the future, to predict what in the world might happen in the coming year (aside from the world itself coming to an end!).

I recently had a chance to chat with Chris McNulty, who’s now chief SharePoint evangelist at Quest Software, and he gave us his 12 predictions of what the 2012 landscape for SharePoint will look like. You can read those predictions here.

Chris spoke at the Gilbane Conference on content management earlier this month, and an informal sampling of attendees revealed that 32% were happy with their current SharePoint adoption for traditional document storage and collaboration, but only 11% were happy with adoption levels of “next-wave” SharePoint functions such as social networking, taxonomy and business intelligence. Hence, the robustness of the third-party ecosystem around SharePoint; new tools are being developed to address those shortcomings.

It’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft chooses to address in the next release of SharePoint, which we expect will be unveiled late in 2012.

— David