Liferay, Inc., which makes enterprise, open source portals, today announced a partnership with digital performance software company Dynatrace to introduce a performance monitoring workspace designed for Liferay Portal. Together, the companies have designed customizable dashboards and instrumentation to help ensure consistently high quality customer experiences across all digital channels.

With the Dynatrace FastPack for Liferay Portal, businesses can quickly leverage data and turn insights into action to improve digital user experiences based on important application performance indicators. Some of the benefits to Liferay customers include:

  • For developers: Build-to-build performance analysis, more frequent releases and quality improvements by removing the time needed to recreate issues from production.
  • For IT operations: Substantial boosts in efficiency, instant isolation of performance issues to the correct fault domains by tracking user visits across back-end tiers.
  • For digital business owners: A full understanding of customers’ experiences, rapid response to issues, better equipped to improve critical business interests such as conversion rates and delivered brand value.

“Our experts worked with Liferay to provide deep performance insights that can be used across development, operations and business owners – all in a single platform,” said Todd Kaloudis, VP Partner Sales at Dynatrace. “With this approach, customers can now deliver competitive digital experiences across channels, regardless of whether complex legacy systems or modern micro-services are involved.”

“Our diverse customer base relies upon Liferay’s technology to deliver engaging experiences across a broad spectrum of back-end applications and complex systems,” said Michael Han, VP of Operations at Liferay. “In Dynatrace, we’ve found a partner that truly understands the challenges in delivering consistently stellar end-user experiences and a solution that helps us across the entire lifecycle of a project.”

Learn more about the Dynatrace FastPack for Liferay Portal at: