LinguaNext, the market leader in enterprise application language management, today announced a channel partner program for independent software vendors (ISVs) and resellers that want to add any new language to packaged, custom developed, cloud and mobile applications. The LinguaNext Linguify platform, which captures and translates application outputs (screens, print jobs and files/reports), eliminates the need to modify applications, issue patches or perform upgrades. The companys early channel successes include an endorsement from SAP for LinguaNexts ability to provide transparent language localization for new and existing SAP deployments.

According to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc., customer relationship management (CRM) has edged past enterprise resource planning (ERP) as the top application software investment priority. This further validates a business focus on enhancing customer experience, with both mature and emerging regions emphasizing investments in CRM. Survey respondents indicate that their top three application software investment initiatives for 2013 are CRM, ERP, and office and personal productivity tools.

Adding multilingual capabilities to applications has traditionally been a manually intensive effort that took a team of expert developers months or longer to complete. To address this problem, LinguaNext has developed a completely new approach to application language globalization. The Linguify platform enables any enterprise application, including mainframe, client-server, web, cloud and mobile apps to be localized into multiple languages without making any changes to its code or database. Using patent pending Applntercept technology, Linguify transforms the output of an application before it can be seen on a display, a printout or in a file. The actual translations are done manually and stored in a pre-created enterprise-specific dictionary.

Software localization (L10N) and internationalization (I18N) have typically required a thorough overhaul of a products source code and posed significant business risk for vendors and service providers, while often taking months if not years to complete, said Atul Tulshibagwale, CEO of LinguaNext. With Linguify we make it possible for any software application  whether it is a cloud platform, a mobile app or a desktop program  to be localized for any language without making any code changes.

LinguaNext Partner Benefits
The Linguify platform provides the following business and technology benefits for ISVs and service providers:
Create new revenue streams — by offering existing applications in multiple languages
Expand services portfolio — by offering language localization services for packaged and custom applications
Quickly enter new markets using existing software — localization takes weeks not months or years
Eliminate risk — no software modification is required
No upgrades — Linguify is an add-on to existing products
Protect installed base — against competitors with internationalized
Incremental approach — access comprehensive demos, screenshots and sample reports in multiple languages before investing in a full product localization
Low — cost  achieve product internationalization and localization at a
fraction of the cost of conventional approaches

“With the endorsement of LinguaNext Linguify, we are addressing the regional language gap in the India market,” said Priyadarshi Mohapatra, Vice President- Emerging Business, SAP India. “Customers can now easily add local language support to their existing SAP deployments using Linguify.”