LiveCode today launched their campaign to bring the beauty and clarity of the LiveCode language to the web. Adding the ability to deploy LiveCode apps straight to HTML5 ensures that no area of app creation remains inaccessible to this popular and easy-to-use open source language.

LiveCode already deploys to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and server platforms. Web deployment means that a LiveCode app can run virtually anywhere, from a single source code base. LiveCode for HTML5 will be capable of building interactive educational content, dashboards, simulations, sales tools, database front ends, or any of many other types of application.

Ben Beaumont, Product Manager for LiveCode said: “LiveCode is great but we know what still needs to be done and we are working round the clock to make sure that every part of app creation is smooth, beautiful and crossplatform. Adding HTML5 web delivery to be created in parallel with our existing projects completes the LiveCode we want to make and the LiveCode you want to use.”

This campaign will enable the company to port the LiveCode platform to native web technologies. The result will be the ability to deploy a LiveCode app to any modern browser.

It will allow a fully faithful representation of an application within the browser environment. It will use HTML5 so will not require a browser plugin. By delivering the app in a browser, the end user does not have to install any software to use the app. The app will be platform agnostic.


• Fully featured apps delivered over the web
• Deploy to any modern browser
• Platform agnostic apps
• No plugin
• An iterative, rapid development environment for apps on the web.
• Try out building apps for the web without having to learn Javascript or Flash.
• Teach with LiveCode and ALL kids can show their apps to their parents by opening up a link to their project in a browser.

Given LiveCode’s rapidly growing adoption in education – around a third of schools in Scotland are now using the program to teach with – this is another major area which becomes available to students and teachers everywhere.

LiveCode customers are very excited about the prospect of web deployment in LiveCode. LiveCode Customer Chipp Walters, of Altuit, Inc, said:

“We had a stalled project which had been under development for around 8 man months. I was able to replicate most all of the functionality of the app (and then some) in less than 10 days of coding in LiveCode. To say the other devs were blown away was an understatement! Amazing tool. I would love to be able to do a similar thing using LiveCode to deploy to HTML5!”

Last year LiveCode successfully ran one of the top UK campaigns on Kickstarter, earning almost half a million pounds to take LiveCode Open Source. Building on the success from this campaign, the makers of LiveCode now want to add this “missing piece” to their lineup. Kevin Miller, LiveCode CEO said:

“This is the last remaining goal that did not get funded last year. We’re ready to take it on now, with most of the previous project under our belts, and we know that 85% of our customers are ready too. They told us in a survey that the one thing they want more than any other is HTML5 deployment. So that’s what we’re doing.”

The rise and rise of crowd funding is enabling new ways of funding technology projects. Open Source LiveCode was made possible by the belief of the community in the value of this language. It now seems an appropriate pathway to fund their latest initiative. This time LiveCode are doing it in-house leveraging their experience of the previous campaign.

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