Locaid, the largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company, today announced the availability of Instant Locate, a web-based mobile location portal that allows mobile developers to enter the phone number of any opt-in mobile device and locate the subscriber in an instant.  With reliable location data from the top wireless carriers in North America, including AT&T, Rogers, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, Instant Locate is 100% privacy-protected and works for any mobile device on the carrier’s wireless network.  No software installation or device download is required.

“It was really simple to deploy the web-based service from Locaid,” said David W. Middleton, AVP, Finance & Technology and Executive Director for the Center for Mobile Research and Innovation at Seton Hall University.  “We opted-in University owned mobile phones and now, at all times, we are able to identify the precise location of the devices – whether indoors or outdoors. There was no software to download or API to integrate or technical knowledge needed.  We are very excited with this new capability and look forward to a variety of use cases within the University and beyond.”

“Instant Locate is a historic first for LBS, and we thank our community of developers for pushing Locaid to create it,” said Rip Gerber, President and CEO of Locaid.  “Our customers asked us for an on-demand, secure and reliable service to locate mobile phones owned and deployed by enterprises, so we gave them simplicity and ubiquity, all in one.  Now, any developer can take advantage of network-based location and locate all of their opt-in mobile devices with ease and efficiency; no APIs to integrate, no software to download, no application coding and no maintenance fees.”

Mobile developers across various industries can utilize Instant Locate for a number of Location-Based Services, including (but not limited to):
    •    Financial Services to reduce identity theft and manage fraud
    •    Educational Institutions to increase campus safety
    •    M2M businesses to track fleets and improve productivity
    •    Retail businesses to track store inventory and recover if stolen or lost

An expert in privacy management, all location data provided by Locaid is carrier certified and 100% privacy protected.  No mobile phone is ever tracked or located without 100% consent and notification, as defined by the CTIA, MMA, and Tier 1 carrier policies.  After authorizing a mobile device via opt-in SMS to acquire and confirm permission to locate, the device can be located on all of the major U.S. wireless carriers.  

To register and try out Locaid Instant Locate go to: http://www.loc-aid.com/instantlocate