Logentries, the most connected log management and analytics service, now enables entire DevOps teams to enrich their machine log data with real-time team annotations, shareable performance dashboards, and instant group notifications. Logentries’ new team-based access to infrastructure, application and user log data provides Logentries users with the ability to view, annotate, and analyze live log data in real-time. These new capabilities deepen the value of log-level data by adding human team intelligence, expertise, and relevant system context to log events and analytics.

“In addition to the valuable log data that our DevOps team is already getting from Logentries, now we can aggregate, annotate, and share information across the team to more fully understand the context of log events and who is working on them,” said Alexander Apelmakh, Team Architect of Cloud Infrastructure Team, Parallels. “This enables us to communicate directly with each other through the Logentries service, as well as identify and understand issues more quickly.”
Today, to achieve operational efficiency and improved application performance, development and operations teams need deep, log-level visibility and root cause analysis that can only be achieved by log files. By maintaining all of the information in one secure, centralized location, and providing access to an entire team to comment, annotate and address issues in real-time,
Logentries is adding team intelligence and relevant context to machine-level data analysis.
Logentries believes that valuable log data must be accessible across the entire team and is now making it available via:
· Team-based Annotations: See team member comments, share expertise, and maintain context with the new team-based view of system activity and log events; identify and resolve issues together in real-time.
 · Shareable Dashboards: Publish log data visualizations and trends across the DevOps team, and across the organization, to create one single data source for system and application performance.  Or, plug the Logentries dashboard into an existing centralized monitoring service such as Geckoboard.
· Group Notifications: Send notifications to individuals, groups or the entire team using custom tagging and real-time alerting; avoid potential costly delays or expensive service disruptions.
· Open API: Build easy, out-of-the-box integrations using Logentries’ open API; leverage existing toolsets and system integrations, including HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire.
“We are on a mission to make the value of log data accessible to virtually anyone, and to connect those insights across teams, distributed systems and a global community of more than 25,000 users,” said Andrew Burton, CEO, Logentries. “Instead of having individual silos of information, or looking to disparate data sources for answers, we are enabling DevOps teams to access all their log data in one location, correlate information across different sources, and more easily share team intelligence.”
The Logentries service features a unique pre-processing engine that collects and analyzes log files in real-time to offer immediate alerting, visualizations, and tailing of the data. There is no complex query language required, making searching the data easy and intuitive with click-through navigation. To learn more, or to sign up for the free Logentries service today visit http://logentries.com/quick-start.