Logentries, the leading log management and analytics service built for the cloud, has extended its real-time pre-processing engine to now include automated recognition, parsing and analysis for any log format, thereby avoiding complex configuration changes or modifications to existing systems often required by traditional log management systems. From Windows IIS logs, to Cassandra database logs, to IoT device logs, Logentries can collect and extract the most valuable data from any type of log file, in real-time. By consuming all log formats, Logentries enables users to transform logs from any source and system into one unified structure for complete understanding of application behavior and end user experience.

“Our mobile shopping application is our business so we need to collect and analyze all logs from across our infrastructure in real-time,” said Eskil Andreen, CTO, Wrapp. “Unlimited log formatting using Regex allows us to now easily analyze all of our data in all formats, from JSON to completely unstructured logs. Because there is no additional configuration we have complete access to all of our logs in seconds.”

Traditionally, configuration requirements to analyze custom logs, common web server logs (e.g. Apache, Nginx, IIS), or system logs (e.g. syslog) are challenging and time-consuming, hindering users’ ability to get valuable insight from their log data. Logentries’ real-time log parsing capability can automatically identify and parse important information in logs that are not in Key Value or JSON format.  Users can specify patterns using regular expressions to identify fields within their logs and can then analyze these field values to extract powerful information about application behavior, performance, end user experience, server resource activity and key business metrics. With Logentries real-time log parsing users can now easily identify key fields in their logs, assign names to these fields, and use the fields in search queries or to build dashboards based on them.

“Our customers are using log data to help assure uptime, to meet performance SLAs, and to understand how their applications are behaving. They need real-time access immediately, with one unified, easy approach to collecting and analyzing their logs,” said Trevor Parsons, Chief Scientist and Co-founder, Logentries.  “With real-time parsing of any log format, our users can now work with logs from anywhere in any shape or size and can immediately look at important trends across their systems.”

The cloud-based Logentries service collects and pre-processes log events in real-time for on-demand analysis, alerting and visualization. With custom tagging and filtering, users can correlate data across their infrastructure to better understand application usage and performance, security and performance issues, and user behavior. To get started with a free, all-inclusive 30-day trial of the Logentries service with real-time log parsing, visit http://logentries.com.